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Top Cuisine for Manhattan Foodies: Eleven Madison Park

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Eleven Madison Park

30-foot windows and high, dramatic ceilings create a feeling or light and warmth in the dining room at Eleven Madison Park. Meanwhile, art deco woodwork, light walls, and minimalist décor accessories lay the stage for meaningful and informative conversation between guests and the Chef de Cuisine, Chris Flint. And, that’s just the beginning of your experience at Eleven Madison Park.

Incomparable Food Is the Foundation

Without the food, any restaurant would be, well, just a bar. Eleven Madison Park has three Michelin Stars, several James Beard Awards (including Outstanding Chef and Outstanding Restaurant in America) and dozens of other accolades. Delectable dishes are clearly wowing New Yorkers.

The menu recently changed from an á la carte establishment to a prix fixe menu. But, under the tenure of Chef Daniel Humm, the flavors have continued to focus on New York culinary traditions and locally-produced ingredients. With roots in European haute cuisine, the neo-classic menu is always incomparable.

Set menus revolve around the desires and restrictions of guests. The kitchen tailors dishes following conversations with the Chef de Cuisine. It’s more of a tasting menu than a set of courses and, as fine dining should, that takes time to get through. Diners are encouraged to plan their afternoon or evening around the four hours it takes to indulge at Eleven Madison Park.

Unsurprisingly, the beer and cocktail menus stand out in the neighborhood, and the wine list is eclectic and tailored to the cuisine du jour.

Recognition Draws Locals and Tourists Alike

Chef Humm received his first Michelin Star at 24 years of age in his native Switzerland. Just over ten years ago, he moved to the United States; and in 2006, he became the executive chef at Eleven Madison Park. In 2011, Chef Humm and restaurateur Will Guidara took over Eleven Madison Park from the then current owners, Union Square Hospitality Group.

This establishment also has five stars from Forbes Travel Guide and a Grand Award from Wine Spectator.

Eleven Madison Park is also one of only ten American restaurants featured in Les Grandes Tables du Monde. In a guide featuring over 160 global establishments, you shouldn’t need to second guess at the level of gastronomy and service offered here.

Still, the most recent New York Times reviewer was playing devil’s advocate, seemingly this restaurant to fail, and yet, his four-star review denotes an extraordinary experience.

What You Need to Know

 Eleven Madison Park opens for dinner seven nights a week (except for a few major holidays). Lunch is served Thursday through Saturday and reservations must be made 28 days in advance for most tables. Private dining rooms for 18 to 50 people are available with plenty of notice.

The prix fixe menu is $225 per person, not including drinks. You can find Eleven Madison Park at the corner of 11 Madison Avenue and 24th Street with views of Madison Square. Consult the website for more information and reservation links, or call (212) 889-0905 between 9am and 6pm.

Muhammad Awais
Muhammad Awais

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