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The Hollingsworth Group is a full-service real estate marketing and sales firm specializing in a new development in New York and New Jersey. From site acquisition, and development planning, to final sale, we use a comprehensive analysis to give home builders and real estate developers a custom-tailored guide to bring their visions to life. The Hollingsworth Group offers a suite of marketing experts, sales specialists, market analysts, interior designers, and architects creating a multifaceted approach to new development marketing. THG is led by a vigorous understanding of the market and a deep pipeline of vendors to serve and advise its customers. From boutique condos to full-scale home developments, we ensure complete control for our clients from concept through completion. Whether you are selling a boutique condo or multi-billion dollar sprawling development, we ensure complete control for our clients from concept through completion.

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Our Services

The Hollingsworth new development arm is comprised of our full-time sales team, market specialists, marketing team, designers, and architects.

Our hands-on approach allows us to custom-tailor our services for each unique client. From the concept to the final product, we have the resources to bring our clients vision to life. A mix of comprehensive planning, strategic marketing, and unmatched market knowledge ensures complete control for our clients.  

THG prides itself on a strong understanding of the marketplace and a deep pipeline to best serve and advise its clients.

  • Market Research
  • Planning & Designing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Technology Set

Our Process

Market Research

Our research team positions your project for success from day one. We help find, price, and build your project which gives you complete control. Our proprietary data helps guide our clients based on market trends, economic conditions, and future forecasting.

Planning & Designing

Our architects and designers consult our clients throughout the process. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best. From boutique condos to large-scale developments, we have the resources and the network to bring any project to life.


We create the buzz needed to ensure effective pricing for every project. Our branding, management, and creative techniques ensure global impact within the marketplace. We curate marketing materials, promotional content, and print ads to help target your project’s clientele.


With our designated team of real estate professionals, we guarantee your project will support its maximum price. Our dedicated sales team focuses solely on development from pre-launch through closing. We provide training and oversight to our sales team from veteran agents within the luxury market.

Let us help you with your next project.

Cloud-Based Brokerage

We ensure every project is being properly represented within the marketplace. We do extensive research regarding our target market to ensure we are getting the correct exposure. Our team focuses on the consumer to make sure we are marketing the project in the best light. From photography, renderings, staging, and marketing we have extensive market knowledge to gain exposure for your new development throughout a variety of sales channels.

Technology Suite

  • Quantum Technology
  • Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • Social Media
  • Showingtimes
  • Chime
  • Success
  • Virbela