Setting Records Through Edge Marketing

Raising The Bar

Setting Records when selling your home is at our core. There are various sophisticated techniques that we employ when trying to sell real estate above the normal current market rates. Our goal is to always try to set a record and to do it in half the time. If you have questions related to this, contact us at your leisure. We would love the opportunity to represent you when selling your property.

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Master's At Work

Our Proprietary Marketing Techniques

How to sell your property like a luxury listing. How to sell your luxury property like an ultra-luxury listing.

How to sell your property in half the average time and still receive a record breaking price. How the team effect is used to achieve this goal.

How to make your home and surrounding neighborhood appreciate in value exponentially.

How our proprietary database of off market, hidden and unique properties can bring in thousands of active potential buyers for your property. 

How geotargeting, geofencing and a demographic local area marketing strategy can match buyers to your specific home.  

How a curated multi channel marketing approach creates systems which help to sell your home faster and for a significantly higher final price.  

How to create immediate high demand for your property by using Group, Mob and Bunch Marketing.

How to use unique negotiating tactics and rudiments of persuasion to get a higher final price.

How staging can create a 15 percent higher final price for your property.

How target marketing can spread the word of your property to hundreds of millions of prospective buyers and how to concurrently tap into difficult foreign markets and make your property known to the world.

How the right kind of open house can create a bidding war immediately.

How to use psychology to affect people’s buying decisions.

How timing, the power of food, bunch marketing, attitude, personality, and behavior can make your open house special.

How to market your property to unique groups of all cash buyers through a specialized network.

How doormen, direct mail, local area canvassing and local area calling are used to inform buyers in your building and neighborhood about your property.

How to brand your property to create universal appeal for it.

How to use photography to create a visual theme that sends out positive imagery, i.e. how to turn your property into a Monet.

How to use multiple floor plans to bring in additional buyers.

How various types of proprietary technology are utilized to attract and retain buyers.

How our unique technology brings in more targeted buyers for each specific property.

How to use my team of architects, interior designers, mortgage professionals, real estate attorneys, and full time client liaison free of charge to help market your apartment or house.

How to use natural and artificial light to make your home brighter and feel more open.

How Feng Shui can create a positive reaction during showings.

How very minor renovations can create a 10 percent increase in price for your property.

How to virtually guarantee that a prospective buyer of a coop or condo gets approved by the coop/condo board.

How powerhouse websites, blogs and online magazines can be utilized to help market your property. How we achieve the highest rankings in those areas.

How to advertise specifically to real estate agents who will bring in hundreds of buyers.

How the tremendous compounding effect of these techniques can a create price for your property that exceeds all your expectations.

Records We've Set

The Hollingsworth Team has developed a set of marketing techniques that have allowed us to sell and rent apartments and townhouses above normal market rates. For example, a loft in Tribeca was valued at about $2.3M, and we sold it for over $3M. Utilizing our proprietary sales and marketing process in Fair Haven, New Jersey, we created nearly a $1M record setting price differential on a beautiful 5 bedroom home. In addition, we pride ourselves on selling apartments and homes in approximately half the time as compared to area averages.

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Working with Edward has been a pleasure. He is always on-point, and is extremely focused. I look forward to our continued work.
Michael E.
Past Client