Hollingsworth Staging & Renovation Financing

Hollingsworth Financing

We believe that Creative Staging and Renovations are integral parts of selling a home. This type of work has helped The Hollingsworth Group on numerous occasions when trying to sell homes for the absolute maximum price possible. To that end, The Hollingsworth Group has partnered with several interior designers, contractors,  vendors, and finance companies to allow this work to be completed prior to the sale of your property. No payment is due for the work until after the home is sold.   

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Staging & Remodeling

One of the keys to attracting buyers in droves is staging. See a major change in the look of your home with the simple addition of new paint, quality flooring, and fine hardware. A light Refresh, Repair, and touch-up go a long way in the market.

A full-scale renovation can transform your home and create universal appeal. Each aspect of the home with attracting a different type of buyer. The kitchen and Bath are the cornerstones when trying to add definitive value to your home. The outdoor appeal is also crucial; the lawn, patio, garden, and exterior of your home may need work or updating. These are the first things that buyers see when they approach your home. This work is important as it creates your home’s brand for any person: visiting on a scheduled showing appointment, coming to an open house, and for every person who passes by during the course of a listing.  

How It Works

  1. One of our real estate agents will fill out a simple estimate request for the seller.

  2. A Project Consultant will contact our agent to discuss the project. The owner will then receive a general quote for the work to be done.

  3. A walkthrough or virtual walkthrough will be completed to finalize all the project details. From there, the owner signs the contract, but no payment is due until closing.

  4. The owner will then be given an experienced Project Manager who will be the main point of contact throughout the entire project.

  5. An App has been created to give sellers access to every aspect of the project from the beginning until project completion. The owner or agent will be able to review all updates, set up meetings, view what work has been completed, communicate with all members of the project, select various materials to be used and give feedback.

  6. After the home is sold, the owner then pays for the work that has been completed.
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