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Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology

The Hollingsworth team invests in and utilizes cutting edge technology to enhance the real estate process.  We currently use over 140 unique technologies to keep you way ahead of the curve. 

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Our Technology Set

Target Focus

This lets us know when and which people are most likely to buy a property based on certain trigger points. The software/algorithm looks at marriage, income, raises and bonuses at work, the birth of children, graduation from college and or grad school, estate planning and over 1000 distinct criteria to find the demographic of which exact people will be looking to buy now or within the next 6 months. Then we use that information to target those buyers.


This technology looks at people's buying behavior to determine who will be most likely to buy your apartment. This works particularly well in the $1M plus luxury market we have in New York City as it has a component that focuses on higher end purchases such as an expensive wedding and or wedding ring, high end vacations, certain memberships and dozens of other buying behavior patterns.

Active Buyers

This pulls data from various real estate websites in the world to see who is currently looking to buy a property in New York City that is similar to yours. For example, if a buyer is actively searching on the internet for a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom, prewar condo loft in Tribeca or Soho with a $3 to $5 million dollar budget, we can market directly to that person. With this, we can target the exact people who are looking to buy in your specific neighborhood as well as the similar size, price, style, square feet of your apartment and so forth. So whatever type of property you have to sell, we will have the contact information of the buyers who are looking buy that type of property.

Off Market Report

Off Market, Hidden and Unique Properties online report for buyers. Available through this site and on Chime.

Word Optimizer

Tells us which keywords will work best to sell your property.

Ad Tracker

Lets our team know which advertisements, websites and marketing ideas are generating the most buyers for your property.

Client Smart Portal

Coming soon. This is a cloud based application where buyers and sellers can locate the exact information of their search or their sale. Buyer, Sellers and Brokers can add information to the portal and view the history and status on their search, purchase, or sale.

Chime Customer Relationship Management Tool

This helps keep our clients and friends abreast of all things real estate. Through Chime we send out market reports, off market and hidden properties, cultural trends as they relate to real estate in New York and much more. Furthermore, Chime also keeps track of specific buyers who have interest in your property. We then market to those buyers and thousands of others through this extensive database.

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In an ever evolving technological world, Aelieve provides state of the art tools for users to take control of their online presence.Their exclusive technology, that benefits both the consumer and the agent, incorporates search engine optimization, web analytics, media production, social media, cloud based technology, conversion optimization, digital advertising and much more.

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How We Set Records Through

Edge Marketing

Setting Records when selling your home is at our core. There are various sophisticated techniques that we employ when trying to sell real estate above the normal current market rates…

The Sotheby's

Global Advantage

With expertise on the local level, combined with our access to important international markets, we ensure that the homes we represent receive the far-reaching exposure they deserve…

Records We've Set

The Hollingsworth Team has developed a set of marketing techniques that have allowed us to sell and rent apartments and townhouses above normal market rates. For example, a loft in Tribeca was valued at about $2.3M, and we sold it for over $3M. In addition to this, we sell apartments in half the time as compared to the city wide average. 

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