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Our Off Market, Hidden, and Unique Properties Search Process

It is not just one person. We have a team of people that looks at dozens of different sites to find the best deals in town. They also look for off market and hidden properties.

We have relationships with developers that either release units that are not on the market or they will tell us about upcoming projects before they hit the market. So sometimes we find great off market deals in that way.

We call on current rentals in buildings we like to see if those owners would be interested in selling instead of renting.

We look for current properties that are on the market and are not properly represented. Many times the photos will be poor or not show the true feel of the space. So therefore people will not want to see that particular property. But in fact, that property may be the best property on the market. So poor photography and or poor marketing account for a great deal of the semi hidden deals that we find. Buyers and brokers call on properties that look great. They do not call on the properties that look average or even bad.  

We look for buildings that are undergoing major facelifts now or in the future. Renovating the lobby or hallways and restoring the facade can really raise prices in a given building. Adding amenities like a gym, roof deck, lounge, pool, garage etc. can also increase the value. Redoing the exterior of the building can make a big difference as well. These things can all help to increase pricing in buildings. So if you buy at the right time, you can reap those rewards without ever having to pay for the cost of the renovation.

We contact our group of clients, investors, real estate lawyers, real estate developers, architects, top residential and commercial brokers and tell them exactly what we are looking for. They will send us current top deals they have as well as properties that will be coming out in the future. We also have a powerful database of about 25,000 wealthy contacts that feed us information on properties in NYC.

We look for mistakes on pricing, floorplans, photos as well as incorrect listing information. And many times properties do not go out to all the big real estate websites for a variety of reasons. And for that reason, the public and even brokers cannot find those properties.

We keep track of Permanently or Temporarily Off the Market deals. We can contact these owners and see if they still have interest in selling. We keep a list of the best apartments that were taken off the market for various reasons. Some of them turn out to be great deals. This is all about timing.

We monitor Accepted Offers, Contract Out and Contract signed Deals. We stay in touch and follow these deals and they do sometimes fall apart for a number of reasons. Buyer’s do back out of deals, get rejected by the board, or have problems obtaining cash or financing. So many deals do fall apart and those apartments become available again.

We get new buyer client leads from numerous sources. It could be as simple as a referral to a new buyer client from a current client of ours. It could also be from another lead marketing program. For example, we may have a LinkedIn lead/buyer tell us about a property before they list it. Or they want to buy a new property with us, but they need to sell their current property first. Sometimes they even list that property with us. So this another avenue to obtain a property that is not yet listed.

Bidding on apartments right before price drops occur. Sometimes owners are about to lower their price significantly as they finally need to or are willing to sell the apartment at a reasonable price. We follow these overpriced apartments and look to make our move right before the price drops. Then we go in aggressively and buy them. At this point, owners really want to sell. So it is much easier to land a great deal. It is all about timing.

We have technology that allows us to tell when sellers in a particular building or area are more likely to sell. This technology takes into account 100’s of factors such as: the birth of a child, a promotion/raise or large bonus at work, marriage, an inheritance, career track, a legal situation etc. and so forth. We then market directly to those people and find out which ones are going to put their properties up for sale in the next year. So those are deals that are not on the market, yet we find out about them in advance.  

Owners who list at a high price, but eventually sell for a lower price. These are somewhat rare. But they do happen. One of my clients backed out of a great deal in Manhattan because they took a job in London Instead. We had already bid that apartment down really low as it was totally overpriced. Even though it was a gorgeous unit, very few people were asking to see it as the price was high. They were asking $3m and it was worth about $2.4m or $2.5m. Since we had bid it down to $2.2m we knew it could still be a great deal for another one of our clients. So we ended up selling it to one of our new clients just a few days after our other client had backed out of it. Since it was pulled off the market for a little while nobody even knew that it was going to become available again. The bottom line is that some owners will not price apartments to sell, but they will eventually take much lower offers.

We look for buildings that have major problems and then we will follow up and see if those problems can be resolved. For example, some buildings have one or more lawsuits pending. Some buildings have poor financials or even physical problems that make buying into them a very risky investment. There are quite a few buildings that are cash only (no certificate of occupancy or a sponsor holds too many units, too many rental units, or other problems etc.). But sometimes those buildings are able to obtain financing for their buyers when these problems are cleared up. Sometimes a neighborhood is going from questionable to great. We follow these buildings and locales and sometimes there are great deals to be had if the timing is right. Over time, many of these bad buildings can become good buildings. These buildings tend to have low prices because they have so many problems. And if you can buy when prices are low, then you have a chance for major appreciation. We follow these buildings to see when the time is right to buy.

Finally, it is sometimes a combination of various techniques that lead us to a particular off market or hidden property. In addition to the techniques listed above, we have dozens of other ways to find these hidden deals. And because of our extensive research in this area, we are constantly coming up with new ways to locate unique properties for our buyers.

If you would like more information on a particular property or a sample of some of the unusual deals that we have worked on in the past, please feel free to contact us.



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