Exclusive New York Nightclubs: Space Ibiza

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Pacha NYC

Every weekend, over 5,000 people cross the front entrance of Pacha NYC, on their way to what may be one of the best nights out of their lives. Or, at least that’s what the incredible setup at this super club promises. It doesn’t disappoint. If you want to party like the stars, the eleven Club World Awards (plus dozens of others) would prompt you to hit Pacha NYC.

Club made up of mini-clubs

This mega club features four floors of pulsating activity, each operating as a mini club, complete with bar and sound system. Or, a celebrity DJ can pump jams throughout the entire structure, inviting over 2,000 clubbers (at capacity) to celebrate together.

It all begins on the main dance floor and the mezzanine level. And that’s one big space; the dance floor alone offers 3,500 square feet. Fueled by drinks from the long bar opposite the DJ booth, clubbers can easily believe they’re in a partiers paradise.

The upper levels of the club feature The Atrium and Pachita. You’ll find plenty of space to lounge at the Atrium, but only if you can take your eyes off Pacha’s infamous shower dancers (yep, that’s people dancing in bath showers). Patchita is smaller, more intimate, and always ready to deliver luxury standards.

Pacha comes to NYC

If you’re in New York, you absolutely must visit the American version of this famous Ibiza nightclub. Pacha NYC opened nearly 50 years after the original, and yet it fully captures the spirit of the Spanish party island. It’s won diverse awards such as Maxim’s Hottest Mega Club in North America and Forbes’ Sizzling Club of the Moment. And those are in addition to its industry awards.

Perhaps it’s the DJs? Maybe it’s the bar service and the enormous dance floor or the incredible Alpha Dynacord Sound System. Whatever draws you to Pacha NYC, it’s an amazing and unforgettable experience (no matter how much you have to drink).

You might spot a few celebs in the mix, but you’re likely to be too busy getting your groove on to the house, hip-hop, Top 40, or mash-up jams filling the club.

What You Need to Know

Pacha is huge; it can accommodate over 2,000 people at any one time. Your chances of getting in are good as long as you fit the vibe of the party that night. But, there’s never any guarantee that you’ll cross the velvet rope unless you book.

This club demonstrates its commitment to delighting customers with at least seven VIP packages. Each one features a different level of engagement and status, and many are designed to make bachelor or birthday parties extraordinary. Packages begin at a mere $45 per person, but you’ll get a lot more when you’re willing to spend.

Unlike many clubs, Pacha wants to talk to you. Their website encourages phone calls rather than emails. And, their world-class events team will bend over backwards to fulfill your desires.

Pacha NYC straddles the Hudson River and Hell’s Kitchen. You’ll find it at 618 West 46th Street. Or pick up the phone and dial (212) 209-7500.


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