From Pamela Y.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Pamela Y.

Searching for an apartment in the city is a challenge, but Ed made it much easier. From recommending the Upper East Side for my kids schooling to searching for listings that were within my price range Ed exceeded all of our expectations of what a real estate broker could be. Once we found what we wanted, Ed took care of negotiating with the selling realtor while all time keeping us in the loop. Having had a bad experience with the selling agent and the coop board in the first coop building that we attempted to purchase, we almost gave up on our search. Ed continued to search on our behalf and eventually found us a very well priced coop in the coveted PS 6 school zone. Ed”s help in putting together the coop board package was also extremely valuable, as we cannot imagine having to do it ourselves. We truly thank him for all his hard and would not hesitate to recommend him to other buyers.

Richard G.

The guy is just a very talented real estate broker. But he is more like a consultant as opposed to an aggressive salesman. He is the most creative person that I have ever worked with in any field. Ed brought in furniture, artwork, flowers, fruit etc. He cleaned and organized...

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Michael W.

Hardworking, no nonsense, dedicated, inspirational, energetic, cordial, out of the box, transparent, talented, fair, objective, humorous, gregarious, charismatic. How many more things can I say about Edward? The work he did in selling our downtown apt. was truly amazing. When I was referred to him I thought I would be...

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Jack M.

Ed and his team helped us buy our loft at a great price and then he sold it for us several years later at a record price for our bldg. I found his marketing ideas to be truly authentic and unique. He is a just a very creative yet critical...

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