From Margaret R.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Margaret R.

Every single moment of our search for the dream apartment, my husband and I felt very lucky to have found Ed Longley.

Ed was available 24-7, and unlike other brokers we had dealt with, he was extremely proactive and helped us see what we actually wanted, rather than just show us what we were asking for. He took us on a whole journey of education – patiently helping us understand different pros and cons of neighborhoods, apartment types, and price ranges. Ed always conducted a lot of research. He brought us lots of places beyond what we had selected from real estate sites, and had 10 or so viable apartments at any given time for us to go see.

He always gave us his candid opinion, and earned our trust early on when an apartment all three of us loved, which we were prepared to bid on, he advised us not to buy – based on research he did into the neighborhood and the building.

His ethics and standards were 110% at every stage. Ed was as comfortable – and as supportive of – our interest in apartments at the lower range of a wide price range. He never pressured us into bidding on anything, and was patient as we took 8 months, looking every weekend, to find a place. He was always very respectful of what we were prepared to bid, and never pressured us to bid more than we were comfortable.

Ed’s level of service was unlike anything we had experienced with other brokers.
He would always pick us up wherever we were, and his driver Raphael would chauffer us around from apartment to apartment, allowing us to see up to 10 or so on any given Sunday. He always got us sandwiches and snacks and waters, which made us feel special and also helped us focus on seeing a lot of places at once.

In the end, Ed Longley found us our dream apartment, and helped my husband and me find a place that suited all of our – at times contradictory! – requirements. Our apartment appraised above what we purchased it for, and we believe we have already made quite a bit of money in the 2 months since we closed!

Ed became not just a professional, but a friend during the process – and he was very supportive at all hours of the day when we wanted to talk about what our brief was, what we should pay for a given place, or even throw around ideas for remodeling and decorating. While the process of finding a place was hard, Ed made it into an adventure my husband and I both enjoyed immensely, and part of us was sad the search was over, and it meant we wouldn’t be seeing Ed as often!

We would recommend Ed to anyone looking support, savvy, and guidance in the search for a wonderful home, and we are very grateful to have met him early on in our search!

Richard G.

The guy is just a very talented real estate broker. But he is more like a consultant as opposed to an aggressive salesman. He is the most creative person that I have ever worked with in any field. Ed brought in furniture, artwork, flowers, fruit etc. He cleaned and organized...

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Michael W.

Hardworking, no nonsense, dedicated, inspirational, energetic, cordial, out of the box, transparent, talented, fair, objective, humorous, gregarious, charismatic. How many more things can I say about Edward? The work he did in selling our downtown apt. was truly amazing. When I was referred to him I thought I would be...

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Jack M.

Ed and his team helped us buy our loft at a great price and then he sold it for us several years later at a record price for our bldg. I found his marketing ideas to be truly authentic and unique. He is a just a very creative yet critical...

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