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Gabe M.

I just wanted to describe my extremely successful experiences with Edward Longley, my real estate broker. I purchased a condominium in Manhattan in December of 2006. I was very hesitant about the process since I was a first time home buyer. Thanks to Edward my experience was pleasant and very successful. Ed’s follow up, for instance was impeccable. Any time I had a question he would get back to me immediately. Secondly Ed did so much legwork in finding exactly what I was looking for which resulted in us only searching for about 3 weeks until I found the exact apartment I wanted. Ed was able to find me a condominium for the price of a coop. The flexibility and investment potential of a condo really fit my needs so I was ecstatic to find such a good value. In addition, Ed was able to negotiate an unbelievably low price for the place which resulted in a paper profit immediately. The most important thing I could say about Ed is that he is an extremely honest person. My one big worry in searching for an apartment was that I would find a broker who would just try to sell me anything he could quickly in order to generate a fast commission. Ed worked very hard for his money. In several instances he even advised me against buying a place and therefore forfeited a quick commission when I thought it was a good decision. Ed was working in my best interests the whole time which is why I highly recommend him as a real estate broker.

Richard G.

The guy is just a very talented real estate broker. But he is more like a consultant as opposed to an aggressive salesman. He is the most creative person that I have ever worked with in any field. Ed brought in furniture, artwork, flowers, fruit etc. He cleaned and organized …

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Michael W.

Hardworking, no nonsense, dedicated, inspirational, energetic, cordial, out of the box, transparent, talented, fair, objective, humorous, gregarious, charismatic. How many more things can I say about Edward? The work he did in selling our downtown apt. was truly amazing. When I was referred to him I thought I would be …

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Jack M.

Ed and his team helped us buy our loft at a great price and then he sold it for us several years later at a record price for our bldg. I found his marketing ideas to be truly authentic and unique. He is a just a very creative yet critical …

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