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D. Levy

D. Levy

When I sent Ed an email at 10 pm about a listing he posted on Trulia, he called me immediately and we had a long conversation. I sensed his passion for his profession and felt that he ”got me” during our phone call. I usually prefer not to work with a broker because I am good at searching online and get annoyed when brokers send me listings that I either already know about or have already sorted into the no pile. Out of the hundreds of listings in my price range normally only 2 or 3 listings seem interesting. At the time my biggest problem was I did not have an exact location or price range in mind. I was very indecisive and questioned what I really wanted. I was unsure whether I wanted to live in a lower priced neighborhood or to just get a smaller apartment in an elite neighborhood. In addition, I needed to buy something fast given my lease was almost over and I was traveling overseas in thirty days; this time constraint did not make my situation any easier! Evidently my search range was too wide for any sane broker to even begin to take on.

I warned Ed (as I did every broker), how I am familiar with every single listing out there and do not like a majority of them. I was very upfront and told him I don”t know what I want and will most likely be his worst client. Ed can attest that I even told him he shouldn’t work with me. I stressed to him how he would only be wasting his time working with me. Thankfully Ed decided not to listen to me, and by doing so, he saved my life.

I know my fair share of brokers and I have never encountered a broker like Ed. I have never been given such outstanding service. I remember thinking how this must be divine intervention of some sort because I saw Ed as an angel who entered my life. Ed picked me up in his car with his driver and took me to all the different neighborhoods. We sat in the back and Ed conducted more research and looked for more listings as we drove. Ed would consistently line up four or five apartment viewings in only a few hours’ notice. Sometimes more. We drove around developing neighborhoods, which I knew little about. Ed gave me an honest account of each particular neighborhood. He went so far as to talk to my potential neighbors to feel the area out and make sure I was making the right choice. Ed also walked for twenty-five minutes with me to the subway even though we had a car so I could experience the distance I needed to walk. I fondly remember sending emails at 3 am or 8 am with inquiries and Ed always responding promptly. There was never a moment where I felt abandoned. Ed was there every step of the way and worked tirelessly around the clock in order to find my dream apartment.

Perhaps most importantly, this man cared. He really did. He wanted me to make a great deal, but also one that was right for me. We looked at a variety of apartments because I didn’t quite know whether it was better to have an investment property, a permanent place to live in for years to come, or maybe just a property to renovate and flip. I had a tough time making this decision. Ed didn”t care how large his commission would be. He wanted to make a great deal for me. This is a very rare quality to find for a New York City Broker. I respected his opinions greatly. For the first time in my life I met a broker I could trust to the degree of family, which is amazing for a man I met only weeks before. I felt as though my money was his. This is something I never felt with previous brokers. I had full confidence in this man considering he also owns property in the city and he knows a good deal when he sees one. Ed is very experienced and knows his trade well.

Ed Longley is the dream broker. He found me an incredible place forty-eight hours before my deadline and allowed me to leave the country with a peace of mind. I was especially elated once the offer Ed and I placed was accepted for my future apartment. Ed not only helped me during the time I needed to find a new apartment, but he also helped me in numerous ways when I returned to New York. While my apartment was undergoing renovations he was generous enough to allow me to stay in his apartment for about six weeks. Ed and his team also helped me with renovation ideas while I waited for board approval. The generosity and attentiveness I experienced will always be remembered. I am proud to say I made an amazing deal, found an incredible apartment, and most importantly I love coming home…

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