Need a Condo in NYC? Get Insider Buying Tips from a Serious Broker

Finding a home in New York City is difficult. Unless, you’ve ingratiated yourself into the market; it’s even difficult for new investors to find a piece of the market that pays a profit. Wherever possible, the trick is to find those “hidden morsels.” Professional NYC broker, Edward E. Longley of The Hollingsworth Group, has a […]

Renovating in NYC? You Might Need an Architect

New York City is a property market unlike any other in the United States, indeed, in the world. The line between condos and apartments is almost constantly blurred. The factors that determine worthy investments are unique.  And the market itself is simultaneously stagnant and fluid. Rejuvenating buildings and renovating individual homes is always in the […]

Luxury at Reasonable Prices: Care to See Your New View?

South of the Upper East and West Sides (with the park sandwiched in the middle), you’ll find the Midtown districts. Divided into both East and West Sides, this part of New York has a lot of history. And, Midtown West is one of the most livable neighborhoods you’ll find in the city. Architects are breathing […]